5 DIY Backyard Party Decorations for The Coolest Summer Bash

Just being outside is a mood booster. Throw in some of your favorite people, a good playlist, some beautiful lights and an al fresco dinner and you’re headed straight to Cloud 9. Not to mention: You’ve got yourself a party. Up the ante with DIY backyard décor that’ll give your outdoor space just enough dazzle to make your guests feel like they’ve retreated to a secret garden of summer bliss.

We’ve scoured the web (and threw in an idea of our own) so you don’t have to.

Party on!


backyard party decorations

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to pick up some of those brightly colored bandanas you see at stores like Target and Michael’s – but have no idea how you’d use them outside of tying up your hair –you’re going to love this idea we found in PopSugar. Julia Millay Walsh, branding consultant for interior design brands, suggests stitching a few together to create a vibrant, cheerful table runner.


backyard party decorations

Katie Rosario, the pastry chef and food stylist behind XOKatieRosario, suggests not letting any part of the watermelon go to waste. As she says: “You can eat the watermelon inside and use the rind as a bowl to hold fresh flowers for your tables centerpiece!” Place those watermelon vases on top of the bandana table runner we mentioned above and you’ve added a unique twist to the components of a classic picnic!


Outdoor seating can be stiff, small, and uncomfortable; especially after a big meal. Take a page out of the Bohemian lifestyle playbook and relax in the beauty of the atmosphere you’re surrounded by. Unfold a few Short Table’s and spread them around on your grass. Invest in some outdoor floor pillows (You can find some fun ones at places like Target, HomeGoods, or Urban Outfitters) and place them around each table. Put a bottle or two of wine on each Short Table and let your guests stretch their legs while dining and wine tasting. They’ll truly feel like home!


Trish, the blogger behind “Uncommon Designs” suggests serving naturally flavored water with a variety of fruits. We love this idea because we always feel like the more options you can give your guests, the better. And water with fruit in it tends to bring back fond memories of summer spa escapes, does it not?! Snag a few quirky pitchers from your local Goodwill to add some decorative zest to your table.


They say lighting is everything! But here’s an atmospheric lighting idea you don’t see every day. Elise Engh offers a Tin Can Lanterns tutorial in her blog that you’ll definitely want to check out. Using a hammer and nail to punch holes into old tin cans, you can bring them back to life by creating designs with the holes you punch: Hearts, a smiley face –you get the idea. Paint them in colors that complement your setting and place some tea lights in them and then watch your guests ooh and ahhh – – -wishing they were the ones to think of that!

Now that you’ve got some stellar DIY ideas for throwing your backyard soirée, we have to ask: Are we invited?