8 Beach Camping Hacks for Beginners

beach camping hacks

If you’re like us, sometimes you can’t help but fantasize about throwing it all in the car and heading up the coast. You’d find a sandy spot to call home for a few days and let the sound of the waves lull you to sleep at night and then wake up to them crashing each morning. You can practically smell the s’mores being roasted and feel the memories being made as you read this, can’t you?!

Well, camping can be easier said than done. In fact, it can be quite intimidating if you’ve never done it before. We’ve compiled 8 pieces of the best advice we’ve received over the years and have shared it with you below. Whether it’ll be your first time beach camping or your 5th, you can never be too prepared!

Hack #1

First time camping? Don’t be so quick to purchase all of your own, new equipment. Companies like REI can actually rent you everything you need! This comes in handy if a) you have nowhere to store it all and b) what if you don’t love camping as much as you thought you would?

Hack #2

Use a synthetic sleeping bag. Especially if you want to experiment with foregoing the tent for a night so you can look up at the stars as you drift to sleep. At the beach there is more moisture, and nothing kills a beautiful night’s sleep faster than waking up to find you’re now cold and wet. Synthetic bags are ideal because they don’t lose the ability to insulate when they get wet!

Hack #3

Speaking of getting wet: Set up camp above high tide. Local tide charts can tell you where the line is, but if you forget to check, look for where sea refuse like seaweed, driftwood, etc ends.

Hack #4

Don’t forget your sandals! This may seem obvious, after all, it is beach camping we’re talking about here. However, it is still winter in the U.S. and you may think hiking boots is all you need. But you’ll be thankful for your flip flops when you have to use the camp showers!

Hack #5

beach camping hacks

Don’t forget your Short Table. At only 5.5 pounds and no setup required, Short Table is perfect for taking with you on your afternoon hikes. Strap it on your backpack and set up your picnic against the backdrop of nature’s beauty.

Hack #6

Prep your food at home. Clean, cut, season and prepare all the food you can at home. If all you have to do is warm your meals over the fire, you’ll be a “happy camper.” Burritos and scrambled eggs are perfect options!

Hack #7

Bring a dustpan and a short broom or a brush. Sand will be everywhere, but the last place you want it to end up is in your tent or sleeping bag.

Hack #8

beach camping hacks

Screw top wine and a good book. If you thought sleeping under the stars was a treat, try a glass of wine at sunset while you get lost in the pages of a good novel, with your toes wiggled deep in the sand. Trust us: It’s escapism at it’s best.

We hope these hacks have provided you some much needed relief as you plan for your upcoming beach camping trip. Don’t forget to bring enough water, snacks, a deck of cards and a positive attitude. No camping trip is going to be 100% Instagram worthy or without it’s hiccups. But as long as you prep beforehand, you can help ensure you’ll be comfortable and doing what you came to the beach to do: Have fun.