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Glen Wersch (1953-2015) – Inventor of the Short Table®

Glen was a gifted woodworker, talented inventor of stuff that would work. His spirit was fun, giving, and always available to help in any way he could. He was a generous man with his time and materials. Plowing through boards to find just the right straight clear grain wood or board for your do-it-yourself project, he’d send you home with his tools as well. He didn’t ask for anything in return but a hug and promise for another visit soon.

The Short Table® was created out of Glen’s interest in woodworking and building a product that would be used at music events, picnics, etc.   The original design was created and recreated to get it right, down to the finest detail.   His vision and hope was that everyone would have one or two…give them as gifts, and see people come together to celebrate life.  That was “Glen.”

We, at Short Table®, have pledged to stay true to Glen’s original design and vision for the table. It exists because of the love and talent of this great man that we lost tragically in 2015. All of us who knew and loved him know how thrilled he’d be today to see that his work has been carried on; and people are out there enjoying one of his truly wonderful creations!

We miss you, Glen!


Upon Glen’s passing his love and best friend, Judy, wrote...

"Dear Friends,

I am sorry to bring you sad news of our beloved Glen, as he has transitioned from this world, and I am sure onto another journey.

This news brings great sorrow and loss to all who loved and shared their friendship with him. Glen’s life was full of fun, music, adventure and challenges. He truly loved Mexico, Esmeralda, his old bus, the 36th Street Hotel, gardening, entertaining, river rafting, the Idaho wilderness and his profound passion for music. Mostly, he treasured and valued the human character and the stories of each person whether it be at his 36th street home or during his travels. He never judged the oddest character but rather embraced their uniqueness. As a result, his endearing friendship touched many lives from newcomers to those who have known him for over fifty years.

In the years following Mexico, his connection to music became the cornerstone of his life. Glen introduced a new venue for music concerts when he built the Pergola Stage and “Traveling Musician’s Yurt” in his backyard where he hosted musicians passing through looking for a place to showcase their talent. The music came alive at the 36th Street Hotel and many conversations, giggles and heartfelt connections brought to life his dreams.

Glen always took time to stop, listen and reflect on each song. He shared stories with friends over a Corona, Margarita, and good food. He had the best taco bar in town and always had an open-door policy, often saying “Come in and sit for a while and tell me how it’s going” or “If you want to stay overnight you’re welcome to the penthouse or yurt.” Friends would stop for a visit over a fireside chat. Often times those chats would evolve into a spontaneous sock hop in the shop, when he turned up the music!

He said to me on his 61st birthday, "Judy, if I die tomorrow, I am good. I have had a fun adventure here and it has been a good run." He asked that his celebration of life bring together friends, food, drink and music, dancing and laughter.

Glen, you did it all and you did it your way. We love and honor your spirit and legacy. You will be so deeply missed from our lives. Your contribution to each of us was beyond imaginable.  Glen, you touched our lives like no other could, for that we send you a kiss and gratitude hug. Thanks…and farewell, friend.


Judy and Friends"