Quotes We Live By

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quotes we live by

Travel, family, friends, the great outdoors and of course: Wine. These are just a few of the reasons we created Short Table. We wanted a beautiful, small table we could unfold at a moment’s notice when the situation called for us to sit back and enjoy life. Like an impromptu beach picnic while traveling up […]


DIY Home Spa With These 5 Tips

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diy home spa

Can’t get to the spa? Bring the spa home to you! With a little prep, an at-home spa is entirely achievable and, let’s face it, a whole lot less expensive than heading to your nearest resort or boutique day spa. The best part: Once you become familiar with the tips below, it’s easy as pie […]

Indoor Fun

Indoor Fun on a Snow Day

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indoor fun on a snow day

Winter, you can really be the worst. You halt our travel plans, give us dirty slush, and make mornings awful by forcing us to shovel snow before we’ve even had our coffee. And let’s not forget Snow Days! For kids, they’re a seasonal dream. For parents though, they can be quite the hurdle. Some snow […]