Indoor Fun on a Snow Day

indoor fun on a snow day

Winter, you can really be the worst. You halt our travel plans, give us dirty slush, and make mornings awful by forcing us to shovel snow before we’ve even had our coffee. And let’s not forget Snow Days! For kids, they’re a seasonal dream. For parents though, they can be quite the hurdle. Some snow days, it really IS too cold to go outside! Which leads to cries of “I’m bored!” every 20 minutes or so.

We can’t promise your next Snow Day will be completely carefree and magical, but we can help to take the edge off. We’ve been so impressed with parents showing us how Short Table keeps their kids entertained –indoors and all –that we thought sharing with you could help alleviate any upcoming Snow Day stress. Because let’s be honest: There are only more of them to come this winter!

Day breaks and –there’s no sun or blue sky to be seen out the window, just a white or gray sheet that never ends. There’s no shame if you still need to catch up on emails — unfold your Short Table and hand your child the remote. We’ll make sure their favorite colorful cereal doesn’t get on the furniture or floor, and they’ll feel like it’s a treat to eat breakfast in their jammies, watching their show of choice in the living room on a weekday! Thanks to Instagram user @melissa_kristyne for sharing this pic of her daughter with us!

indoor fun on a snow dayIf you’re a kid, doing a puzzle or playing with Legos on the kitchen table can get really old, really fast. Chairs get uncomfortable (especially when your legs are forever dangling) and isn’t there something on the TV that also needs their attention? As @embermichelle found out, placing her Short Table on the carpet was a comfortable solution for her son, while helping to make sure the smallest of pieces don’t get lost forever under the couch!


indoor fun on a snow daySibling rivalry is never more apparent as when they’re forced to endure a full day together, with no open space to run and no separate classrooms to keep them apart. Our school of thought? Turn that rivalry into a game that forces them to skillfully use their problem-solving abilities as well! Whether a two-player board game, Jenga, Battleship or something similar, have them focus on something other than how much energy they have! Thanks to fan @burchonabudget for sharing this adorable photo!

indoor fun on a snow dayDo you have in your family a younger sibling who always has to be doing what his or her older sibling is doing? It’s a hilarious, heartwarming, and frustrating (if you’re the older sibling) aspect of having two children in a household. Photos like these will hopefully show them both in future years that it wasn’t so bad, after all 😉 Thanks to @caffeineand3 for sharing this precious moment!


As all these moms teach us: You can’t control the weather, but you can provide a safe, fun environment so that your kids might forget they’re even being cooped up!