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Quotes We Live By

quotes we live by

Travel, family, friends, the great outdoors and of course: Wine. These are just a few of the reasons we created Short Table. We wanted a beautiful, small table we could unfold at a moment’s notice when the situation called for us to sit back and enjoy life. Like an impromptu beach picnic while traveling up the coast, a concert in the park, a board game between siblings who don’t want to leave the comfort of the living room floor ~ the possibilities are endless! Our hope is that everyone will eventually have one or two. One for themselves, and at least another to give as a gift to those family and friends who share in their desire to live life to the fullest.

Below are some of our favorite quotes that epitomize how we aim to live our lives, every day.

Like when we need some time to ourselves . . .

quotes we live by


Or when we need inspiration to “book that trip!”

quotes we live by


When friends are over and we unfold our Short Table, uncork a few bottles of wine, and have an impromptu wine tasting party.

quotes we live by

When we want to load up the car and keep driving until there are no buildings, smog, or other people in site.


When the “happiest hour” is not one that can be found in a bar or restaurant, but by your loved one’s side enjoying the sunset and some store-bought wine.

quotes we live by


When Spring is just around the corner and we can’t wait to go on a camping trip or two with friends.


Do you have some of your own favorites? Share them in the comment section ~ we may just love them enough that we’ll include them in an upcoming social media post!

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