5 Unique (and Sometimes Unconventional) Valentine’s Day Activities

February 14th – Valentine’s Day: The date is set in stone. Your plans may not be. Tough decisions are to be made about what to do, where to go, and how much to spend.

Here at Short Table, we like to keep things simple. Simple, fun, and meaningful.

Below, we offer 5 unconventional ways to make sure that sparks will fly – dinner reservations be damned.

Cocktail making contest

Ready to snuggle up under some blankets for a movie? Before you do, have a cocktail making contest between the two of you. (This also works with friends if you’re having a “Singles Awareness Day celebration!) Choose the drink ingredients you know your sweetie or friend loves, and see if you can’t come up with a recipe that will soon be their new favorite drink. For extra points, give your cocktail a name that epitomizes the personality of your date!

Be a tourist in your own town

No, we DON’T mean simply go to the local movie theatre! When someone visits your area, where do you tell them to go? Special museums to see, historic places of note, a beautiful park or garden to walk through, or a scenic drive that can’t be missed? Now, think of the last time you and your honey did any of those things on that list. For example, if you live in the Los Angeles area this might include a hike to the Hollywood sign, a drive through the historic West Adams neighborhood, and a stop at one of Downtown L.A’s breweries. Pick one or two, pack yourself a picnic (and a bottle of wine in a thermos because, why not?) and when you’re ready for a break whip out your Short Table and set-up a romantic picnic wherever you may have found yourself. After all the “touristy” things you’ve done, you’ll have plenty to talk about over lunch!

Volunteer together

Valentine’s Day is all about the love, right? Find a local cause or organization that needs help. Perhaps there’s a beach cleanup, a soup kitchen or an animal shelter who could use a few kind souls such as yourselves. Did you know that some organizations even host Valentine’s Day themed fundraisers? If you can’t make it out of the house, you can still organize a volunteer-themed activity at home. Perhaps write letters to caregivers at elder care homes or to the mothers at women shelters, letting them know that somewhere out there, a stranger appreciates their courage and is thinking of them.

Dog park outing

valentine's dayCan’t imagine spending Valentine’s Day without your pup by your side? We get it! Pick your favorite dog park or beach and while your dog’s having the time of his life, you and your S.O. can picnic with your Short Table while you keep an eye on him. This activity is also the perfect excuse to get your blood moving, too! Run around with your best four-legged friend, play fetch with your pup and catch with your partner, and pretty soon you’ll be flushed with endorphins and maybe even break a sweat. Don’t have a dog in your lives? That’s okay: We can’t be the only ones who love frequenting our local dog beach just for fun! It’s a great way to make new friends locally and bonus: They usually don’t mind if you give their dog some pets while you’re at it!

Vision board dreams

Unfold your Short Table and grab a scissors, a glue stick, and a bunch of your favorite magazines and get to work (We certainly recommend National Geographic or Travel + Leisure over U.S. Weekly for a project such as this!). Create a vision board of how you both envision your shared life in the future. Cut out words, pictures, or heck –even whole opinion columns! Don’t worry if you have no intention of putting this on full display for every future house guest to see. Keep it somewhere where you’ll both still catch glimpses of it now and then – perhaps your home office or a wall in the garage. It’ll keep you inspired as you move through life together and hopefully, bring a smile to your face as you recall that “one Valentine’s Day we did arts and crafts together and felt like kids again.”

Have your own quirky or unique ideas for a Valentine’s Day to remember? Share them in the comments below and remember: No matter how small or simple you make Valentine’s Day; it truly is the thought that counts. Just like Short Table – a little can go a long way 😉

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